What is #MSKnowIt?


A few days ago I published a short post on the MWB blog about how we could leverage the attention Mississippi is receiving due to our excellent college football teams (that’s plural in case you’ve been under a rock). I ended the post with #MSKnowIt.

What is #MSKnowIt? I’d like to think it’s attitude coupled with advocacy wrapped up with outreach. I’ve often said that our own humility is concurrently one of our greatest assets and biggest obstacles. We now have chests swelling with pride for our football teams. And we should. Let’s allow some of that attitude to feed over to the other innovative and creative things happening in our state.

I’d like to make a further statement on that and issue a suggestion/challenge. When I say #MSKnowIt that means we want everyone to know what we know about our state. Across the nation Mississippi should be recognized as a hotbed of the Knowledge Economy… as a center of next generation advanced manufacturing…. as a leader in life sciences research, etc. So the challenge I issue from this point forward…. every day from now until the time when we no longer have an undefeated college football team in Mississippi we should tweet/post at least one amazingly innovative thing that’s happening in our knowledge economy tagged with #MSKnowIt. Hopefully we’ll be posting #MSKnowIt all the way to 1/12/15.


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