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Three aspects that drive our society today and will power our World of Tomorrow.  Revolutionary developments in

communications tools and media consumption habits have led to equally revolutionary adaptations in the science

and application of advertising and marketing.


My website focuses on the theories and best practices of this “new” type of marketing. Being inclusive of social

media, on-demand content, cross-promotional audience predictability, and media landscape balkanization are

of particular interest to my profession.


There are difficulties staying in the tried and true method of advertising/marketing “proven” strategies from

the standpoint of media evaluation and impact of messaging. I believe that the advertising companies who

will exceed in the digital economy will be the ones who can shed the “advertising agency” moniker and an

embrace the notion of being an innovative idea company. That is the added value which companies don’t

have, and can pay for.

An idea company.

mwb-building-snow-03Maris, West & Baker is a marketing, advertising, and strategic branding firm located in Jackson, Mississippi. We’re staffed by some of the most creative and strategically minded people you’ll ever meet, plus we’re a pretty fun group of folks to be around.

First and foremost, we’re an idea company. We don’t allow creativity to be limited by a specific marketing discipline, media, or convention. Yes, we’re creative, but we also realize that we’re not in the business to win awards. We exist to help our clients achieve sustainable results.  (Although we do have a ton of awards on the wall ….)

In summation, we have the expertise, talent, drive, and commitment to tackle almost any problem that advertising and marketing can solve (and even a few that nobody thought advertising or marketing could solve.) To learn more, please visit our website and check out our blog.